Our packages include:

Individual Headshot Session

Our sessions start at $399, which includes:
– Unlimited camera time
– Unlimited outfit changes
– Expert coaching in front of the camera
– Session review and advice to choose the best images

– Hair and Makeup Artist is available upon request for $199

We shoot until you have what you need. At the end of the session, we will go through the images together and choose the best images for you.This gives you control over the final cost of the session, reflected by the number of photos you select. ($149 per image – which includes retouching on every image)

Group Session

Group rates are for 5 individuals or more, and include an on-location studio setup and one high-resolution retouched image per person.

  • 5-14 individuals
    $199/per person
  • 15-24 individuals
    $149/per person
  • 25-50 individuals
    $99/per person

If your group exceeds 50 individuals, contact us for a custom proposal.

On-Location Sessions

On-location studio setups require about 6-7 minutes per person. For larger groups, more than one shooting day may be necessary. Please contact us for an estimate, as our fee will vary based on location, size of the group, and other expectations.

Event Photography

MP Studios provides photographic coverage for private events starting at $400/hr (two-hour minimum).

How to purchase additional shots?

Additional images can be purchased the day of the shoot for $149 each. This includes retouching for each of the shots, as well as delivery of a high-resolution file.

5 starts
Michaels’ headshots capture both my personality and my passion for what I do. I’ve never worked with a photographer who made me feel so confident in front of the camera.
Sarah McDugal Author, Speaker, Abuse Recovery Advocate

5 starts
People don’t buy your product or service, they buy YOU. Mike is an expert in making you look and feel like a business rockstar.
Tony Selvaggio ESmart Recycling

We thrive at satisfying our clients
through a smooth, professional process:

  • 1. Coaching
    The pre-shoot consultation phase is about getting to know you and your business objectives. We also discuss your purpose and target market, whether in business or within your corporate structure.
  • 2. Shooting
    During the session, you will receive advice and guidance about representing who you are, in a relaxed and peaceful setting. A natural and positive look in a headshot is possible when our clients feel confident and secure.
  • 3. Review
    After the shoot, we’ll go over the pictures and open a two-way dialog about choosing the headshot that represents what you want to accomplish. The importance of reviewing right away? We can go one more round in front of the camera if needed!
  • 4. Retouching
    Through the retouching phase, our main purpose will be to make the headshot look professional and refined. It’s about getting the proper luminance, color brightness, sharp focus, and composition, and it’s all in our expert hands.
  • 5. Delivery
    The final high-resolution retouched images are delivered via Dropbox no later than seven days after the session. From there, you can download and begin using it right away on all of your digital and print marketing collateral.

We’ve developed our New You Challenge to offer our clients much more than just the perfect headshot. In some cases, you may not feel pleased with the results of your headshot due to your body appearance at any given moment.

In this instance, you might feel that if you could only lose a few pounds, your picture would end up looking much better. However, you have a pressing need for a professional headshot, which simply cannot wait.

Here’s how we motivate you: Instead of waiting for you to accomplish your goals, we can hold the initial session as soon as possible. Then, we offer another headshot photography session free of charge once you reach your fitness and health goals within an agreed timeline.

Our reason for doing business is all about helping you feel confident about yourself. This challenge is our way to support and inspire you towards your goal.


Should I hire professional hair and makeup styling?
A professional hair and makeup artist can be made available in-studio for an additional cost, upon prior request.

What should I wear for my photo session?
First, think about the culture of your company. This will dictate what to wear and will help communicate your personal brand in an authentic way.

How about an outdoor session?
MP Studios focuses on producing in-studio headshots because our unique lighting setup provides consistent and controllable light to get the best results, and also allows us to review the images instantly.

Do you offer photography sessions at clients’ facilities?
Yes. For business groups of 5 individuals or more, a mobile studio setup is included. On-location studio setups require about 6-7 minutes per person. For larger groups, more than one shooting day may be necessary.