The Power of Facial Expression

A headshot is all about communicating effectively in the blink of an eye. Even though that conversation takes place almost instantly, the facial expression always stands out. If you were to meet someone who only speaks Mandarin, and that person smiled, would you know if they’re approachable? If you were at a mosque in Istanbul, and saw a woman crying just outside the entrance, would you have a clue as to how she’s feeling? Were you ever able to figure out how Chewbacca was feeling even though you don’t speak wookie? It all comes down to expression and body language.

No matter where in the world we are, or how many dialects we understand, facial expressions are a universal language. Through them, we can express love, happiness, pain, and most of the alternatives on the emotion spectrum. Sometimes, we’re aware of what we’re expressing, which is great when you’re consciously trying to communicate how you’re feeling.

But what about those times when we’re not even aware that our face is twitching, or we’re frowning, or that despite our best attempts, it’s obvious we want to burst out laughing? Small facial movements can result in involuntary displays of emotion; which begs the question: Are you communicating what you want to communicate?

A Professional Photographer doubles as an Expression Coach

A professional photographer is objective. They will tell you whether you look like a person they’d approach for business, or if you look like you have to go to the bathroom. Something as slight as eye placement can make a difference. Even something as innocuous as establishing a rapport by having small talk or asking you about your interests before a photo shoot can make you feel more comfortable while being in front of the camera.

So besides the obvious benefits, such as better lighting, instructions as to angles, composition, and additional retouching options, a professional photographer will also keep an eye on your facial expressions and how they can improve your photos. So take a cue from a pro and take the best pictures possible. It’s a good investment to put your best face forward.