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Our headshot photography is tailored to cater to the diverse needs of business professionals. Whether you're seeking a refined LinkedIn profile image or require a comprehensive set of images for building your personal brand, we've got you covered. We capture a variety of headshots and portraits, ensuring that you find the perfect images that align with your industry, profile, and business goals. Whether you're an author, speaker, or a dynamic professional making waves, MP Studios is here to provide exceptional images to enhance your online presence and help you stand out.

Headshots and Portrait Pricing

$400 Session
$100 Per Image

Our packages offer a range of headshots and portraits for business professionals to choose from, depending on their profile, needs, and business goals. Depending on your industry, you may just need a couple images for LinkedIn or a website and want something exceptional. Alternatively, you may be a author, speaker, mover, and shaker. If you need to build out an entire profile and brand, or just update your online presence, MP Studios has you covered.

Professional Expertise: The session fee covers the time, skills, and expertise needed to get a Picture Perfect Headshot. This includes the time spent preparing for the shoot, setting up equipment, providing expert coaching during the session, and review. With a wealth of experience and creative insight to ensure clients receive exceptional results, we walk you through the process of creating incredible images from start to finish.

Unlimited Time: Offering unlimited time during a session allows for a relaxed and unhurried environment. This flexibility ensures that we can capture the best moments and expressions, creating a comfortable atmosphere for the client. The unlimited time approach allows for a more personalized experience, enhancing the quality of the final images. We book a maximum of two sessions per day, so we are never in a hurry to wrap the session and ensure we get the images you need.

Expert Coaching: A significant part of a professional headshot session involves coaching the client to achieve the desired look and expression that will appeal to their specific target market. This may include guidance on posing, facial expressions, and body language. Our expertise in directing and coaching clients is a crucial aspect of the service, contributing to the overall success of the session.

Post-Processing and Editing: Beyond the actual session, the per-image fee covers the time and skill required for post-processing and editing. This includes tasks such as color correction, retouching, and ensuring the final images meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism.

Customization and Personalization: Every client has unique needs and preferences. The combination of a session fee and per-image fee allows clients to customize their package based on the number of images they require. This flexibility ensures that clients only pay for the specific images they want, tailoring the service to their individual needs.

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